From COMM 455 student Justin Snow:

1) In this piece from Hampton’s Magazine, Judson Welliver writes about the Sugar Trust monopoly. The piece was originally published in October of 1909 and tells the “first true story of the greatest fortune ever founded largely upon fraud.”

Citation: Judson Welliver, “The Story of Sugar,” Index to Hampton’s Magazine Vol. XXIII (1909): 433-446.

2) In this piece for National Geographic Magazine, Judson Welliver describes the impact the Great War had on Britain.

Citation: Judson Welliver, “What the War has Done for Britain,” The National Geographic Magazine Index Vol. XXXIV (1918): 278-297.

3) In this piece for Munsey’s Magazine, Judson Welliver writes about what would result if William Jennings Bryan were to defeat Theodore Roosevelt for the presidency ad the country as a whole.

Citation: Judson Welliver, “If Bryan is Elected to the Presidency,” Munsey’s Magazine (Oct. 1908): 3-12.