From COMM 455 student Lorena Arias, from an email sent to her in response to a query to the Montgomery County (Md.) Historical Society:

“J.C. Welliver bought a farm in Rockville around 1910, recorded in land records, Liber 214, folio 164-165 and Liber 216, folio 437, he had a wood lot near Rock Creek, and the main farm on Rte 355, south of Derwood, with the Metropolitan Train tracks running through and near Rte 355, I suspect the house may have been on the back sideof the lot across from the Burgundy Farm development, but the 1917 real estate Atlas which shows the lots, does indicate what types of development existed there.

It is on plate 2 of the map, if someone would like to come in to the library to make a copy.”