From COMM 455 student Christopher Wilson:

One article from the old Washington Times about the quality of American ammunition from May 18, 1915.

Another Washington Times article from 1913 about Mexico’s financial difficulties. And another article on Mexico.

An article from the Washington Times from 1915 on B&O railroad rates/fares.

An interesting article/analysis about the GOP candidates for president for 1916, written in February of 1915. From the Washington Times. A few weeks later, JW penned another article analyzing the Republican field.

Another 1915 article from the Washington Times about states “going dry.” He wrote another article on the same topic a few weeks later.

JW really knew agriculture, and wrote a 1915 article about a bill in Congress that would allow the addition of corn to wheat flour.

Another article on Latin American trade appeared in March 10, 1915 in the Washington Times.