From COMM 455 student Jared Owens:

An article about Harding’s papers: After Harding’s death, Allied Donithen, a close friend of Harding, chose Judson Welliver to write his official biography. Although much of Harding’s papers were burned, those that survived were collected and used by Welliver.

In an article from Munsey’s, JW explains his reasoning for the US adopting the metric system and integrating the system into our lives.

From a review of Schlesinger: “U.S. News and World Report journalist and blogger Robert Schlesinger does a wonderful job of telling the stories of U.S. presidents and their pens, from “literary clerk” Judson Welliver, who helped President Warren Harding (after Harding’s inaugural was lambasted in the press as reminiscent “of stale bean soup, of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights”) to the team – including many of us at West Wing Writers – who served as President Bill Clinton’s scribes. Great insight into the way the presidential speechwriter’s role has evolved along with successive administrations.”

More on JW and Henry Ford: In interviews with Ford, JW gathers information that uncovers Henry Ford’s anti-semitic views. From a paper by Jonathan Logsdon.