JW as a Muckraker Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Chris Lopez:

A book called The Muckrackers lists Judson Welliver among a group of reformers during Woodrow Wilson’s administration: http://bit.ly/95JFMN. And an article written by Welliver in Munsey’s magazine discussing Washington politics and the possibility of a Bryan election: http://bit.ly/d8uIe2.


Biographical Info/Writings by JW Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Alex Motsiopoulos:

This a biographical article about Judson Welliver and how he got his start at Hampton’s Magazine.  I believe, after reading this, that this is one of his first jobs in journalism and he did write quite a bit for them.  This article also has a great portrait picture of a young Judson Welliver: http://bit.ly/aHbPgz.

Citation: Index to the Hampton’s Magazine. XXIII. New York City: Hampton’s Mgazine, 1909. 725-26.

The same Web site, but on a different page has a story about the Sugar Trust that Welliver wrote for the October 1909 issue of Hampton’s Magazine. Citation: Welliver, Judson, C. “The Story of Sugar.” Hampton’s Magazine. Oct. 1909: 433-46. And a story by JW on Senator Aldrich.

A quotation reportedly said to JW: “I don’t know what to do or where to turn in this taxation matter. Somewhere there must be a book that tells all about it, where I could go to straighten it out in my mind. But I don’t know where the book is, and maybe I couldn’t read it if I found it.” -William J. Harding, said to Judson C. Welliver. Citation: Russell, Francis. The Shadow of Blooming Grove. McGraw-Hill, 1968.

An article about API, the American Petroleum Institute, written by Joseph Pratt: “Creating Coordination in the Modern Petroleum Industry: The American Petroleum Institute and the Emergence of Secondary Organizations in Oil,” Research in Economic History (Greenwich, Conn.: JAI Press, 1984). by Joseph Allen Pratt: http://bit.ly/bNvlP2.

An article that JW wrote for Munsey’s Magazine in 1914 about the US Navy and how it compared to naval forces of other nations at the time: http://bit.ly/9x4SMV.

Scholarly Mentions of JW Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Corey Kaminsky:

1) “The idea of a president speaking in anything but his own words was unaccptable. Judson Welliver’s tittle was “literary clerk” when he began White House service for Warren Harding in 1921. Few Americans then or later knew anything about him or his job. He is remembered chiefly, if at all, for coining the term ‘the Founding Fathers.'” From “All the President’s Words” by Carol Gelderman.

2) Judson Welliver was mentioned in this article regarding a letter Harding “wrote” and signed. The article questions how much of the letter Harding actually wrote and how much was written by his advisors and staff such as George Christian and Judson Welliver.

3) Judson Welliver is cited in this article on migration and immigration. “This table leads Mr. Welliver to remark that the report of a great return of aliens to Europe to take part in the war was very much a fiction.”

4) “As I read the accounts of recent presidential campaigns, I think how greatly complicated has become the work of a nominee, beside that of so recent a period as 1892, Senator Harding, was surrounded by a group of assistants…” From an article in the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

5) Judson C. Welliver, “Herbert Clark Hoover,” Review of Reviews, March 1920, p. 261. is cited in regards to the following quote: “Some were not willing to wait so long for Hoover’s services. In England, Hoover’s CRB activities had done much to impress the British with his skill. Some said that it was possible the British contributions to the CRB had been fully compensated by Hoover’s success in curbing the operations of food profiteers.”

Kaminsky also found the magazine cover featured above that highlights an article in the issue authored by JW.

Articles Mentioning JW Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Alex Mamorsky:

Letter to the editor stating the Coolidge was eloquent without Welliver’s help. Welliver is quoted in an book review in regards to Harding and Coolidge. Safire praises Welliver’s well written speeches for Coolidge. Judson Welliver’s articles on politics in Illinois is referenced. Welliver defends Harding against accusations.

Writing by JW Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Brandon Cuffy:

Two articles written by JW in Munsey Magazine in October 1917 and August 1917 entitled “Sir Master Geddes, Master of Scientific War” and “The Wonders of a Great New Workshop of War” respectively: http://bit.ly/c2QaET and http://bit.ly/9OAZMC.

Another JW article explains his support for America’s purchase of Alaska, despite opposition to the move: http://bit.ly/9VrgyG.

Judson Welliver takes a stance on the prohibition.  He discusses its inner-workings as well as its social effects, and its own effectiveness.  (I think this is the article being critiqued in a  recent submission sent in by Cassie O’Conner from the Philadelphia Inquirer): http://bit.ly/crd0he.

Here’s an article from Welliver about the wonders of Detroit and their booming automotive industry: http://bit.ly/d78YYt.

A Few More Writings By and About JW Monday, Oct 18 2010 

From COMM 455 student Cassie O’Conner:

1. An angry reader responds to JW’s critiques of the Taft administration: Citation: “Hot Shot Fired at Roosevelt Camp.” Letter to the Editor. Morning Oregonian [Portland, OR] 17 Apr 1912: 12.

 2. Critique of a 1922 JW article about Prohibition: Citation: “What the Police Records Show.” The Philadelphia Inquirer 17 Jun 1922: 10. 

3. Interesting article which suggests JW was considered for a political appointment during the Harding administration. Citation: “Forbes Switched, Rumor. Spokane Man Mentioned for Shipping Board.” Morning Oregonian [Portland, OR] 12 Mar 1921: 2.

Speech by JW on Railroads Monday, Oct 18 2010 

From COMM 455 student Caroline Birnbaum:

An article from the Camden Courier Post entitled “Railroads Cited As Losing Business: Cannot Compete With Modern Bus Transportation, Rotarians Told” from June 21, 1933 where Judson Welliver spoke at the  Camden Rotary Club meeting against railroads. The article is listed in the middle of the Web site.

Various Writing By and About JW Monday, Oct 18 2010 

From COMM 455 student Tynia Lewis:

More on JW, including an additional discussion of his interest and writings about Henry Ford (http://bit.ly/bISBod) and his name as it appears in one of the more scandalous works about Harding–the (in)famous book by William Estabrook Chancellor that, among many other things, asserted Harding’s African-American heritage. Another book (http://bit.ly/9VEU5q) mentions JW’s 1908 article in Munsey’s about the “seamy” side of Washington, DC. And a final JW article (http://bit.ly/at32nD) about energy and power published in The American Review of Reviews.

JW on Tariffs Monday, Oct 18 2010 

From COMM 455 student Chris Lopez:

In a Hampton’s Magazine article, Judson Welliver writes about Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich and discusses the power that he has over things like tariff making and financial legislation.


More JW Writings & Articles Monday, Oct 18 2010 

From COMM 455 student Christopher Wilson:

One article from the old Washington Times about the quality of American ammunition from May 18, 1915.

Another Washington Times article from 1913 about Mexico’s financial difficulties. And another article on Mexico.

An article from the Washington Times from 1915 on B&O railroad rates/fares.

An interesting article/analysis about the GOP candidates for president for 1916, written in February of 1915. From the Washington Times. A few weeks later, JW penned another article analyzing the Republican field.

Another 1915 article from the Washington Times about states “going dry.” He wrote another article on the same topic a few weeks later.

JW really knew agriculture, and wrote a 1915 article about a bill in Congress that would allow the addition of corn to wheat flour.

Another article on Latin American trade appeared in March 10, 1915 in the Washington Times.

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