JW in a Romance Novel! Monday, Oct 25 2010 

From COMM 455 student Justin Snow:

Judson Welliver in pop culture!  In 1985, Shirley Streshinsky published A Time Between, a fictional love story that takes place in the roaring twenties about an ambitious young reporter in San Francisco who falls in love with a married Irish lawyer.  Welliver plays a small role in the book as the official press representative for the presidential party, conversing with the predominately male reporters.


Welcome to The Judson Welliver Project Thursday, May 27 2010 

The Judson Welliver Project is a blog dedicated to the discovery, recovery and sharing of information about Judson Welliver–the first person to officially (as part of his job title) write speeches for an American president. Welliver was the “literary clerk” for President Warren G. Harding and also served as a speechwriter for President Calvin Coolidge.